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Using Wyam on GitLab Pages with Continuous Integration

Learn to automatically generate and upload your Wyam site to GitLab Pages with only a git push.

Continuous Integration with Wyam is a quest many have considered and promptly rejected's hard. It's not natively supported on many platforms because it doesn't run on linux. At least not at the time of this article's publication. But take heart, brave adventurer, for all is not lost! Two possibilites exist to triumph in your quest: either wait for .NET Core support or follow this very tutorial.

Adopting Remote UniFi Devices with Windows Server DHCP

Learn to use a vendor-specific DHCP Option 43 to inform UniFi devices about a UniFi Controller on another network.

UniFi Access Points (APs) and other devices are fantastic, but can be difficult to adopt from a UniFi Controller if they never show up. Many different DHCP servers can be configured to tell the devices where the Controller is. You can learn to configure several DHCP servers here but, to my knowledge, no one has yet written a tutorial on how to do this with Windows DHCP Server. This article aims to teach you just how to do that.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 Authentication and Authorization System Demystified

Gain a deeper understanding of how the ASP.NET Core 2.0 authentication system works under the covers.

There is a component that exists in ASP.NET Core that conjures up an enchanted shield that protects portions (or all) of your website from unauthorized access. Like many people, I have used this component from the beginning of my journey, but have never understood it. It was conjured up by a wizard and provided a magical barrier between my website and the world. That’s not how it really works, of course, but without the right knowledge, it might as well.